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Totally Unneglectable Canva Tips & Tricks For Every Beginner

Totally Unneglectable Canva Tips & Tricks For Every Beginner

Canva has become a game-changer for anyone who wants to create stunning visuals, from seasoned designers to social media enthusiasts. Its user-friendly interface and extensive design options make it the perfect platform to unleash your creativity. But did you know Canva hides a treasure trove of powerful tricks waiting to be discovered?

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This guide dives into 25 secret Canva hacks that will elevate your design game to new heights. While some are fundamental design principles, others are hidden gems that even seasoned Canva users might miss. Master these techniques, and you'll be crafting captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression, all for free!


  • Grid & Frame Magic: A well-structured design is key to visual harmony. Canva offers a variety of grids and frames to help you align and organize your elements. Experiment with different layouts to find the perfect fit for your design style, ensuring everything is visually balanced.

  • Typography Masterclass: Typography plays a crucial role in conveying your message. Explore Canva's vast font library, experiment with sizes, colors, and styles. Find the perfect combination that enhances your design and complements your brand identity. Remember, use fonts strategically to avoid overwhelming viewers.

  • Template Time-Savers: One of Canva's coolest features is its extensive library of pre-made templates for various purposes. Whether you're creating social media posts, presentations, or infographics, these templates provide a strong foundation and inspiration. Customize them to match your brand and save valuable time by skipping the layout stage.

  • Custom Color Combos: Consistency in your brand's color scheme is crucial for recognition. Canva allows you to create custom color palettes by selecting and saving specific colors. Use these palettes across your designs to establish a cohesive visual identity that resonates with your audience.

  • Filter Frenzy: Canva's built-in filters and effects can elevate the visual impact of your images. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and other parameters to achieve the desired mood or style. Remember, use these effects sparingly to avoid overwhelming your design.

  • Icon & Illustration Infusion: Canva's vast library of icons and illustrations can add a touch of creativity and professionalism to your visuals. Utilize the search feature to find relevant icons and illustrations that complement your design concept. These visual elements help convey ideas and information in a more engaging way.

  • Social Media Sized and Styled: Each social media platform has specific image dimension requirements. Canva simplifies this by offering ready-to-use templates for popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Utilize these templates to ensure your visuals are optimized for each platform, maintaining consistency across your social media presence.

  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Canva's collaboration feature is a lifesaver for projects involving multiple team members. Invite them to join your project, assign tasks, and collaborate seamlessly in real-time. This feature promotes efficient teamwork, streamlines the design process, and ensures everyone is on the same page.

  • Transparency & Layering Magic: For intricate and visually stunning designs, leverage transparency and layering. Adjust the opacity of elements to achieve the desired level of transparency, and arrange elements in layers to control their positioning. This technique adds depth and complexity to your visuals, allowing you to create multi-dimensional compositions.

  • Shape Up Your Designs: Canva offers a variety of shape tools that can be used to create interesting design elements. Experiment with shapes, borders, and outlines to add depth and visual interest to your designs. These tools are particularly useful for creating infographics, highlighting specific information, or creating custom icons. Shapes can help organize and emphasize important elements within your design, enhancing its overall impact.

  • Charts & Graphs Galore: Canva simplifies the process of presenting data with its chart and graph options. Choose from various chart types, like bar graphs, pie charts, or line graphs, and customize them to match your brand's aesthetic. These visual representations make your designs more engaging and informative, helping your audience understand complex information quickly and easily.

  • Text Effects Extravaganza: Canva offers advanced text effects that can make your typography stand out. Experiment with effects like shadows, outlines, and gradients to add depth and visual interest to your text. However, ensure that these effects align with your overall design concept and don't overshadow the main message.

  • Canva's Editing Toolkit: Canva isn't just about design; it offers basic photo editing tools to enhance your images. Crop, rotate, and resize your images within Canva to achieve the desired composition. Additionally, adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation to ensure your images harmonize with your overall design.

  • Folder Power: As your design collection grows, organization becomes crucial. Utilize Canva's folder feature to categorize your designs based on projects, clients, or themes. This helps you stay organized, enables easy access to past designs, and enhances your workflow efficiency.

  • Embrace New Features: Canva frequently introduces new features and updates. Stay updated with announcements, blog posts, and social media channels to be aware of these additions. Exploring and utilizing these new features can unlock additional design possibilities and keep your designs fresh and innovative.

  • Scale It Up (or Down): Don't be afraid to experiment with scale! Enlarging or shrinking typefaces and objects can add dynamism and create a surreal effect. Play with scale to achieve a unique and eye-catching design.

  • Color Scheme Harmony: While colors add vibrancy, using too many can overwhelm viewers. Consider using a minimal color scheme to make your design pop. You can even use different shades of the same color to maintain consistency.

  • Fonts that Evoke Emotion: Choose fonts that complement your design's message. For serious topics, a professional font like Galano might be suitable, while whimsical designs might benefit from Comic Sans. Explore different fonts to find the perfect match for your message.

  • Choosing the Right Format: The correct export format ensures high-quality visuals for different purposes. Use JPEGs for regular photographs, PNGs for high-quality illustrations and designs with transparency, Print PDFs for designs meant for printing, SVGs for web graphics, and MP4 for video formats.

  • QR Codes on Demand: Canva lets you generate QR codes for your websites, adding an interactive element to your designs. This is a fantastic marketing tool, allowing viewers to access your website with a quick scan.

  • Brand Hub: Your One-Stop Shop: Canva's Brand Hub simplifies brand consistency. Set your brand colors, fonts, and logos within this menu. These elements will then be readily accessible in the sidebar for easy application across all your designs.

  • Upload Your Own Fonts: For even greater creative control, you can upload your own fonts to Canva. Simply select the "Upload a Font" option when you click a text box and unleash your unique style.

  • Effortless Background Removal: Canva's background removal filter utilizes AI to remove the background from your images with just a click. This is a fantastic time-saving feature for creating clean and professional-looking visuals.
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  • Lock Down Elements: Prevent accidental editing mishaps by locking elements in place. Select the object you wish to lock, right-click, and choose the "lock" option. This ensures crucial elements remain fixed in their intended positions.


With these Canva hacks in your arsenal, you're well-equipped to create stunning and impactful designs that resonate with your audience. Remember to experiment, have fun, and embrace the endless design possibilities within Canva.

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